Andrew Pfaff plays and endorses the Barker Vertical Bass.
I find it a great sounding, great looking upright "solution" for the electric player who also gets upright calls.  Curious?
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Having said that, here's my take on gear.

In general, people place too much importance on gear and not enough on the sound in one's hands.
Before you run out and spend money on a new instrument, see what difference a good neck adjustment will make on your own modest bass. You may be in for a very pleasant surprise.
In my opinion, there are two big secrets to good sound. I am about to impart them to you for free. 1) a minimum of neck relief ("bow"), and 2) a light touch.
I'm not saying more expensive instruments aren't worth the money. Quite often, they are. But it is always a good idea to try to maximize the potential of what you already own before deciding you need a different axe.

Happy Playing!

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