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Your one-stop shop for bass books, now offering Mode Shapes for Bass. What else can I say? Click here to go directly to their purchase page for my book.

My home at

I'm the Bass Guitar Expert for the Musicians' Exchange at Visit here for regularly updated links to interesting and useful bass-places on the web.

Large international database of music teachers. For all instruments, locations, ages, styles and skill levels.

Big Bottom

Bass-specific public interest articles in fun, blog-style digest format.  Searchable.

My brother Mark is part of a two-man music production team.  They've recorded a number of artists in a variety of genres.  And their site is way hipper than mine!!!

A brand new lessons site for bass players. Check it out!

This is an excellent NYC rock band I used to play in and have recorded with. They have several records out which you should buy. These guys are all great friends of mine. The website, courtesy Rich Kern, completely rocks. Check back frequently for scheduled appearances.


A singer-songwriter with whom I have recorded and performed. She has an excellent CD out independently.

The musical brainchild of the outrageously gifted Dave Diamond.

An immensely talented violinist and keyboardist, Jason plays in Oteil's own project, the Peacemakers, and plays with or has played with: Susan Tedeschi, Leo Nocentelli (original Meters guitarist), God Street Wine, Eye Contact (with Harvie Swartz), MJ12, and everybody else.

Course Junction

I am listed on Course Junction, which is an online community of educators.  This valuable web resource allows prospective students in a vast array of subject areas to find the right educators and courses in their area.

Robin Haffley

A multi-talented woodwind player and entrepreneur whom I worked alongside steadily for about a year. He made a record of original jazz compositions featuring some of the Philly area's finest players and Yours Truly. Follow his link to sample the wares.

An amazing site by Cliff Engel, an acoustic/electric doubler hailing from Hays, Kansas. The links page alone is an enormously helpful guide to all things bass in cyberspace. A real meeting-place for the bass-playing community.


Stands for International Institute of Bassists. More fine work from Cliff Engel, one of the best friends the online bass community has.

A great and much needed resource to help do-it-yourselfers like me promote ourselves and find each other. Find opportunities, products, ideas and art here that you won't find in the mainstream.

A new site based in the Netherlands, offering a huge directory of links to players' websites.


Hailing from Hawaii, Gonzo is a large presence in the online bass community. The music samples from his solo project sound to me kind of like what Cliff Burton might have done had he lived and left Metallica to record introspective, bass-centered music.

bass guitar magazine

UK readers will be especially interested in this publication which features world class players in all genres, plus instructional material and equipment reviews.

Those who know me personally know I got married to Tova Felder on August 19, 2001.  We had a beautiful renaissance-style wedding.  We used to have a site up at our old provider's server but didn't move it when we switched our ISP.  Now, back by popular demand, the wedding website!!!